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October’s International Walk and Bike to School Day kicked off year two of Bethel’s Safe Routes to School Grant! Despite the chilly, wet weather, lots of kids from Irving, Malabon, Meadow View and Prairie Mountain used body power to get to school! In year two we will continue to encourage walking and biking to school and we are concentrating our focus on Walk and Bike Wednesdays!!

Year two also has us getting started on our bike fleet! We purchased eleven bikes and are working to add more until we have a fleet of 30-35 bikes. These bikes will be used to teach bicycle safety education to Fifth graders. Some of our fifth grade teachers recently completed a course in bike safety education. They are eagerly awaiting the completion of our fleet so they can get the kids out and riding in the spring!

Pedestrian Safety education for second graders will continue this year as well!

To promote using body power to get to school I am going into the gyms and teaching PE! I have a time set at each of the four schools—so when teachers sign up I get to teach their PE classes and promote walking and biking.

Students getting to school with a bike or a walk—made safer by neighbors watching the block!
Get out there and use body power to get to school!!

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