City of Eugene Releases Traffic Safety Education Materials

The City of Eugene has created new education material to help people learn about traffic safety improvements and tools that they are using to make our transportation system safer for all road users, especially those using active transportation like walking and biking.

Besides creating a video (below) they also have some handy information cards to help people get up to speed. There are cards for each improvement including bike boxes (pdf), buffered bike lanes (pdf), sharrows (pdf), bike traffic signals (pdf), and back-in diagonal parking (pdf). Along with the overview video there is also a video specific to the stutter flash crossings.


Getting There Safely from City of Eugene on Vimeo.


And a video specific to the stutter flash crosswalk safety improvements (4 of which were installed as part of the SRTS grant this past summer):


Here’s a link and QR code to get you to the City’s website.

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  1. 2013 March 2

    The first video is really helpful and well put together. The second is helpful too, I love pedestrian specific crossings.

  2. 2014 March 17

    I was impressed with the different additions & information in the 1st video. Thank you. Since we have some stutter lights near our elementary in Springfield, I’ll be providing a link to the 2nd video on our green team website.

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