Kidical Mass; Pokémon & A Massive Ride

This month we are taking the hottest new augmented reality game and bringing it more into the real world with a special Pokémon Kidical Mass ride! Sure we’ve seen those ‘zombies’ glued to their screens playing this game but we’ve also seen packs of kids out walking and biking around town that we just weren’t seeing in numbers we are this summer. It’s fun to see kids out exploring their neighborhoods, even if it is still connected to screens. Hopefully we can encourage even more exploring and play with even less screen time. For now we’re happy to join in the fun and take it that extra step.

Join us as we ride from Monroe Park to the Greenway Bridge making stops along the way to hunt for treasures. Our gym will be mobile; us on our bicycles! No smartphone required as we will be looking for some real Pokémon surprises, though those playing the Pokémon GO game are welcome to hunt when we stop. Dress up, characters, trading, and fun encouraged!!

Pokemon Bike Scavenger hunt

Next month we’ll be joining dozens of cities around the country (and the world) for the annual Kidical Massive ride and we hope you’ll join us too. We’ll meet at Monroe Park at 11am on September 17th and then ride off to one of our favorite stops for Kidical Mass; the Prince Pucklers park! We’ll provide some treats, you bring your family and friends!
Kidical Massive2016
And finally, since there is still some summer left we wanted to leave you with some inspiration for adventure from our kick-off to summer event; Kidical Mass Family Bike Camping Trip. Cliff Etzel, a local photographer/videographer rode along with us and made this video about one of our most popular annual rides.

2016 Kidical Mass Family Camp Out from Cliff Etzel on Vimeo.


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