Walk + Bike to School- Coming SOON!

Good news! There is still a limited number of incentive packages available for schools that register for Walk + Bike to School Day. Sign up soon to receive stickers, shoelaces and other fun prizes for your Walk + Bike Day event on October 6, including a very special Nutcase helmet.

Start planning your event now while you wait for your incentive package to arrive in the mail. Download the coordinator packet along with the 2010 poster.

Here’s a fun little video to inspire you. Streetfilms very own ZoZo:

Zozo: International Walk to School Day! from Streetfilms on Vimeo.

Quick tip for coordinators: you will be asked to participate in a post-event survey asking about the event, number of participants, challenges and successes.  The survey will be distributed before for the event and we encourage you to respond as soon as possible while the day is still fresh in your mind.

Why register now?

With physical education disappearing from schools, it has become increasingly important to teach kids the many benefits of staying physically active.  Recent studies continue to prove a correlation between physical activity and brainpower: some have even shown a relationship between physical activity and actual brain size. Two separate studies showed that kids who exercised frequently had bigger basal ganglia (the part of the brain that helps with control and attention) and larger hippocampi (a portion of the brain used for complex memory) than kids who were typically inactive. Check out the New York Times article for more information about these studies.

Register your school for Walk + Bike Day to get kids moving in the right direction towards bigger, better brains!

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