Active Transportation Fashion Show Resource Page

2010 Active Transportation Fashion Show at the 4th Annual Walking and Biking Summit:

Lane with CETMA Cargo rides in on the CETMA Cargobike, available only at Arriving By Bike.  A full color choice is available for this amazing locally built cargo-bike.  It can carry up to 400 pounds, which would be some very big kids as this family-friendly version is outfitted with a special box, bench seat, and rain cover.  The bi-partible frame makes it easy to ship and adapt the front end for different styles.  The flat bed and long front end give this bike a plethora of carrying options from passengers to the kitchen sink. More information at or

University of Oregon Outdoor Program/Bike Program

Briana is riding a bike on loan from the University of Oregon Bike Program, which reuses bikes on campus.  Fully equipped with everything a student commuter needs to get around town including front and rear lights, a kryptonite lock, basket, and a Nutcase helmet.  Students pay only $12 per term to borrow a bike and can keep it in good shape at the DIY workshop on 18th & University (also open to the community for a small fee).  Briana is also sporting an Urban Farm Design messenger bag handmade in Eugene of a polyblend fabric.  The front pocket fits a miny-lock and the stylish bag looks as good off the bike as on.  Her Urban Farm Design arm warmers have been cyclocross season tested and certified.

Paul’s Bicycle Way of Life:

Rainy rides in on Unicycle from Paul’s Bicycle Way of Life wearing a Re-Cycled T-shirt made here in Eugene from re-sourced clothing.  Her Flume Helmet is by Giro and her rain gear is Northface.

Sanguine and Dare are scooting in on a home-made scoot bike (no pedals!) and a mini-bike.  The scoot bike is a perfect way to teach kids to balance on a bike and to learn to ride without needing training wheels.  Dare is wearing the Berlin pedestrian signal t-shirt or “Ampel Man.”

Joe Peck, manager at Paul’s on Alder (winner of Best Bike Shop Award for years), is sporting the Endura Flyte Jacket featuring PTFE fabric with fully taped seams, Endura Venturi ¾ pants featuring E-Vent waterproof fabric, Shimano MW80 waterproof boots,  and a Bern Watts helmet.  He’s riding a Trek Allant equipped from the factory with fenders, and a cargo rack.  He’s pulling his little girl Stella in a Chariot Cougar 2 and she’s sporting a Baby Rocks Mohawks “little bunny” hat.

Paul Nicholson, owner of Paul’s Bicycle Way of Life, is showcasing his daily commuter, the practically maintenance free Trek Soho with an internal 8 speed and a belt drive.  No more greasy chain and oily derailer to mess with.

Bike Friday and Burley:

Paul Adkins is coming through on the locally built Bike Friday Tikit, the perfect folder for commuting and traveling, it has an easy fold and it’s compact size makes it easy to take into the office or school. He’s pulling the brand new Burley Commuter trailer (not even released yet!) which is a quick on and off trailer with the capacity of a couple grocery bags, clothes for the office or gym, and other sundries. It’s perfect for wheeling right into the store and then home again on the bike.

Bike Lane Coalition:

Irina, representing Bike Lane Coalition, is presenting a look that says street smarts and fashion sense, Irina from Armenia shows an attractive mix of neutral grays with red accents. Made of a wool blend for comfort on a cool ride, her jacket is a distinctive short coat with a shawl collar. Complimenting the jacket, her red scarf provides a visible accent that flows in the breeze.  For added comfort, Irina wears a layered matching vest over a bright red men’s style button up dress shirt.

For cycling efficiency that does not sacrifice style, Irina’s capri pants were originally designed for snow boarding, but adapt well to cycling. Her shoes are low boots with gray tights for comfort.

Irina arrives at her destination on a rare silver 2003 Breezer i7 all aluminum folding bike. Whether it’s around town or in the board room, Irina’s outfit shows you can look smart and travel smart, a true cyclista fashionatti statement.

Babu Shoes:

Now we have a family that looks like they could be walking their way to school… they are sporting Babu Shoes, all handmade locally here in Eugene.  Babu shoes creates lovely sandles and boots and everything in between.  They even top it all of with some wonderful handmade bags and hats also made by Babu Shoes!  Find them at Saturday Market or online.

Winter Bicycles:

These two lovely custom Winter Bicycles were hand-built here in Eugene by Eric Estlund.  The vibrant green frame is a randonnée style frame, a lighterweight touring bike.  Leslie is riding the modernized Dutch bike with beautiful detail work and smart city riding style.  Both are wearing Archival Clothing musette bag, a traditional bike bag also referred to as a “feed bag”.  Leslie is also decked out in Ibex wool gear and a pair of classic leather Sidi shoes purchased at Paul’s Bicycle Way of Life about 20 years ago.


Rolling in now is the latest locally built cargo-bike, the Wheelburro Trike.  It’s a versatile cargo trike built in Springfield that can carry almost 1,000 pounds and is adaptable to many uses.  They are being used for hauling people, cargo, and various gear, including a special landscaping version with special spots for carrying tools.  You can find them online and out riding around town!

Center for Appropriate Transport:

Another cargo vehicle is rolling in with the Human Powered Machines (HPM) Long Haul, which is a sturdy workbike available with cargo bin, platform or child carrier seat and cover.  This is the workhorse of Pedalers Express which is America’s longest running cargobike messenger company with over 15 years of experience on Eugene’s streets.

Also built by Human Powered Machines is the Swift Folder, a great solution for the speedy traveler; folding down for easy storage and stowing.  It rides just as comfortably as an upright bike and looks dapper too.

Another bike built at the Center for Appropriate Transport, but this one as a project of the alternative education program, the Sidecar was designed and constructed by Zach Dane, Tyler Edwards, and Austin Neet.  It’s a fun and creative way to get around with your friends.

The CAT crew are also sporting gear sewn at the CAT and available online or at their retail store, Eugene Bicycle Works.  The Poncho is the ultimate in wet weather bike gear with extended coverage that keeps hands warm and legs dry without making you sweat like other rain gear.  The messenger pants were designed exclusively for Pedalers Express courier service and feature a mid-shin cut for mobility.  The riding outfits are topped off with helmet covers that keep your helmet clean and your head warm, dry, and safe. And the final detail are the ankle straps that keep pants out of chain rings while riding, a simple and elegant solution to greasy pants.

Baby Rocks Mohawks:

Our next family of walkers are sporting some stylish wear made by Baby Rocks Mohawks and they make getting to school fun with a crazy hat and a festive shirt.  They are also making it safe and dry with the cool reflective umbrella by “Safety Bright”, available through the Eugene Safe Routes to School program.

Arriving By Bike:

(This isn't Courtney but it is the 2010 Radish)

Courtney is a student at the U of O and she’s riding in on an Xtracycle Radish, which is safety equipped with a Spoke Lit Light and Planet Bike front and rear lights.  She’s wearing a Portland-based Showers Pass gold E-vent rain jacket, an Ibex green Merino wool neck gator and a pink Ibex merino wool Indie hoodie.  As a finishing touch of warmth Courtney is sporting Ibex wool glove liners.  This Xtracycle is on loan from Arriving By Bike but Courtney dreams of some day owning her own Xtracycle so she can pick up other friends up along the way.

Kelsey is a student at the U of O and helps Arriving by Bike maintain it’s spiffy look and feel.  She’s riding a Torker U-District single speed commuter, outfitted with Cat-Eye lights and spoke reflectors and a bell that speaks Japanese. Notice the CETMA cargo rack on the front of her bike that’s by here in Eugene by Lane Kagay.  Kelsey’s dressed for adventure in a Shower’s Pass softshell Portland jacket and club convertible rain pants.  She’s wearing a nutcase helmet, sealskin waterproof gloves and showers pass rain booties.  Kelsey carries books and chocolate in her Ortlieb Defender waterproof backpack.  Check out the Nathan magnetic light on her backpack making her visible from far away.

Jay is a bike mechanic at Arriving By Bike.  He’s riding a converted Xtracycle, using a used frame and a new “Free Radical” addition. He’s stylin’ in Endura Gridlock Knickers, Ibex Vertigo vest and a black Ibex shak full-zip.  Warming his extremities are an olive Pace cycling cap and Endura waterproof gloves.  In case he can’t fit everything in his Xtracycle Jay is carrying a Hemp Soma messenger bag.

Mary is a third grade teacher at Camas Ridge Elementary, one of the participating Safe Routes to Schools programs.  She’s ready to jaunt across town on her Dutch aluminum commuter bike by Batavus.  With her Basil Canvas saddlebags, Mary can stop at the library and grocery store on the way home.  She’ll arrive safe and dry in her Nutcase helmet, powder blue Endura rain jacket, and Planet Bike gloves.  She’s warm and cozy all day in her brown, Ibex Shak full-zip sweater made of merino wool.  Underneath she sports a blue merino wool base layer by Endura and Teko wool socks.

Paul is the owner of Arriving By Bike and an outspoken cycling advocate.  You might see him zipping around town on this orange Dutch Batavus Delivery bike outfitted with a coffee mug holder, Cygolite headlight, Crane brass bell, and MKS Lambda pedals.  Paul is looking quite dapper in this Ibex merino wool red vest, Ibex commuter knickers, and Nutcase helmet.  He’s toting a yellow Ortlieb waterproof messenger bag which keeps all his important notes dry and makes him extra visible.