Bike Education Wrapping Up Season

Thanks to all of our instructors, teachers, students, and volunteers for another successful and safe fall season for the Bike Safety Education program!


We had around 400 students go through our classes this fall in 14 classes at 7 different schools in our three districts.  Although there were a couple of bumps and scrapes (mostly from riding too close) all the rides were successful and enjoyed by the students who took part.


Thanks go out to the wonderful instructors from the City of Eugene recreation program at the River House who made it all happen. Those include the program coordinator, Zane Wheeler and the veteran instructors: Michelle, Moth, and Salmon (also the Bethel SRTS Coordinator)- who continue to show their passions and skill working with youth and transferring their knowledge to what a little human powered machine can accomplish.  Also a special thanks to the new instructors: Larisa, Ken, Andrea, Jessica, Skip, and Caleb- for putting the effort into the classes and moving more bikes than they ever thought possible.  We are very lucky to have this great team teaching our youth the on-the-road bike safety education program!


The quality and thought of their contributions shows through when the kids are in the class and when the teachers speak afterwards about the class.  A program of this scale would not continue without the care and energy these instructors bring.  We are sometimes amazed at the slow process of growth for many of the new riders, but when we see a student that went from never being on a bike, to riding with classmates through a neighborhood, we can all be especially proud of the progress.  Even students that may never ride a bike again are learning to expect and see bikes when they become drivers.


The adaptive bikes were used with success in many of the classes this year and we even received a generous donation of a new high-end scooter as another option when choosing adaptive bikes.  We are incredibly lucky and thankful to have these resources through our partnership with the City of Eugene Adaptive Recreation program.


Now we move into the Pedestrian Safety Education season in our elementary schools for the winter season and then restart Bike Safety Education again in the Spring!
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