Consider Biking to School

Riding a bike to and from school can give students a head start on the 60 minutes a day of exercise that their body needs. Sometimes the weather is wet but kids can usually ride their bikes to school year-round. Encourage your children to give it a try, but first make sure they are aware of these bike safety tips. Get your bikes ready and join the growing number of Bethel kids who are choosing two wheels for their daily school commute.

It is a great idea to ride your bike to school, but please ride safely:
1. Obey traffic signs and signals—Bicycles must follow the rules of the road just like cars
2. Wear a helmet and never ride with headphones (helmets are mandatory for everyone under 16 years of age)
3. Always ride in the same direction as traffic – Motorists aren’t looking for bikes riding against the flow of traffic
4. It is legal to ride on the sidewalk, but pedestrians have the right of way
5. Always pass on the left
6. Scan the road behind you – learn to look back over your shoulder or use a rear view mirror
7. Keep both hands ready to brake
8. Use hand signals – even if you just point in the direction you are going – let motorists know your intent
9. Make eye contact with drivers
10. Choose the best way to turn left—There are two choices: (1) Like a car: signal to move into left turn lane and then turn left; (2) Like a pedestrian: ride straight to the far side crosswalk then walk your bike across.
11. Watch for road hazards
12. Use lights at night (or all the time to be even more visible)
14. Lock your bike at school

The most efficient machine on earth in terms of weight transported over distance for energy expended is a human on a bicycle!

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