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Kidical Mass Cupcakes & Rain Ride (Jan 2011) - 3We had a great Kidical Mass ride yesterday- short and sweet (literally)!  A little wet for sure but for some of the kids that WAS the fun since there was some major puddle jumping and riding going on.  A good sized group with about 10 families which equaled about 30 bodies or so…. I really should do better counts since there could be some interesting facts in there (I know we had about 6 Burleys, 1 Chariot, only 1 Xtracycle, 1 Bakfiets, a few trail-a-bikes of various brands, and kids on their own bikes).  We had  a few new families ride with us, which is rare for a winter Kidical Mass, including a couple families from Burley and some friends of veteran riders.  I wish we had done a short round of introductions… will try and remember that for next time.

After meeting up at Monroe Park Paul came up with the idea to ride over to Divine Cupcake, which suited most of us just fine since it was close and it was pretty rainy.  We did a bit of a zig-zag but it was still only 1 mile to the cupcakes and warm drinks. We took up a couple parking spaces and piled into the shop which was warm and cozy… especially with all those people in it!  Thanks to Divine Cupcake for letting us crash without notice… we really should warn these poor people when the Mass is about to descend. After the cupcakes a couple kiddos found the biggest puddles they could outside and got as wet as they could while we also passed around a card inside so people could write a note to Representative Greenlick about their feelings on kids, bikes, and OR HB2228.  If you weren’t able to make the ride and would like to write Mr. Greenlick a nice civil note about your thoughts you can do so at rep.mitchgreenlick@state.or.us or draw him a picture of you and your family on bikes and send it to him up in Salem at: 900 Court St. NE H-492, Salem, OR 97301

We’re still planning for the ride calendar for this year and I’ve talked to a few folks and gotten some good feedback on people’s favorite rides.  If you’d like to give your input you can still do so at http://www.kidicalmass.org/eugene-survey or just drop me a note.  I was talking to folks yesterday about my hopes to do a “Kidical Camping” ride this summer, some family bike camping trip we can do leaving from Eugene where we ride 5-10 miles and then camp out overnight, what do you think?  Know any good spots?

Finally, on this whole “safely riding kids on bikes” thing I wanted to share this video that came up recently.  It shows just how extreme this “safety” thing is sometimes and how I still think about calling our program Fun & Active Routes to School (FARTS) because of how out of whack we can go with this idea of ‘safety’.  This speaker is a previous ‘bike racer’ and lacks any studies to show the “dangers” she is talking about, most likely has no real world kid carrying experience (it seems she can’t even carry a backpack on a bike), and she certainly has never been on a Kidical Mass ride (which would surely give her a heart attack with all the SAFE fun we have)! I’m wondering how she gets around because if she’s this concerned about safety she obviously must not drive?!

Bicycle Safety:
Carrying Children On Bicycles
“There is NO age that a child should go on a bicycle with a parent…”. You selfish parent you!

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  1. 2011 January 18

    Below is a link to an LA Times story with a little more info about her. Apparently a cyclist friend of hers was killed when she was hit by a hit-and-run motorist in southern California. This apparently launched her into bike safety education, but yeah, I don’t get where she is getting her information. Just her own biases maybe.


    Here is her organization:


  2. 2011 January 18

    Some quotes from the card going to Representative Greenlick. Also, I just noticed we had three sets of twins on the ride!

    “I Love bikes!” Dare & Sanguine (twins- 5 years)
    “Let us ride” Torrent (7)
    “Please let us keep riding as a family.” Steve & Maya (twins- 5 years), Audrey (2)
    “Responsible family bicycling is a right!” Heather, Ryan, & Sylvan
    “We love riding in our Burley trailer! Please help us have fun and be safe!” Garrett, Kricket, Jenna (6), Cooper (5), Ryder (2), Treg (1)
    “Fun family adventure teaches responsibility- Do the right thing!” Cance, Dani, Kaiden, Maycie, Mairyn, Alaina
    “If you want to make cycling safer, take away the cars!” Missy, Isadora (20 months), Augustus & Bennett (twins- 6 months)
    “BIKES ROCK” anon.
    ~scribble~ Everett (19 months)

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