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Oregon_safe_routeOregon will be holding it’s first state-wide Safe Routes to School retreat and training in Bend this June and we’d like to have as many interested parents, teachers, staff, and community members attend from Eugene as possible.

Come join us in Bend, June 16-18 as Oregonians interested in Walk + Bike to School and Safe Routes issues come together for an event that will give you an opportunity to: access training*, learn best practices, network with others working on these issues, and work with us to create a strong state network. More information and registration for the event can be found HERE. Register by April 15th.

Cost for the retreat is just $10/day and includes printed material, a resource CD, trainings, networking, and light snacks.  ,

Travel and meals are not included but there will be $75 reimbursement scholarships provided to approximately 30 attendees on a first come first serve basis.

Professional Development Unit Certificates are available, check with your district to confirm requirements.

*Bike Safety Education, Pedestrian Safety Education, and Encouragement Event Training

So who should attend this retreat & training?
Are you a:

Law Enforcement Officer
School Administrator
Safe Routes to School Organizer
Walk+Bike Organizer
City Planning Engineer
Health Professional
Community Advocate
Bicycle and/or Walking Enthusiast
Elementary Health/PE  Teacher
Middle School Health/PE Teacher
College student studying education
Summer Youth Program Staff
Drivers Education Instructor
Afterschool Provider Staff

If yes, you should consider attending.  Register HERE!

City Planners: You will gain understanding of the developmental differences between adult and children on bikes, a key concept to creating a more friendly bicycling and walking environment.

Teachers: Reinforce the child’s walking and bicycling skills using developmentally appropriate instructions, cues, and encouragement.

Parents: Only when parents support walking and biking will youth be given the opportunity to use the skill. Learn skills and techniques to improve walking and biking to school in your community.

Police Officers: You receive direct requests for information from community on bicycling and pedestrian safety and understand the different skills and needs for children and adults.  Enforcement officers are important partners as communities implement walkable and bikeable plans.

Health Professionals: You have the vision for the built environment and therefore benefit from understanding the developmental needs of children in traffic. Promotion of healthy lifestyles includes walking and bicycling.  Prevention of injury is possible through education combined with engineering.  The connection between the built environment and education is vital to providing safe routes.

School Administrators: Schools are key partners to encourage walking and bicycling as the journey from home to school. Building a base knowledge for the whole community is most important as communities strive to become more walkable and bikable.

All: Bringing together a diverse group of citizens at this retreat will facilitate creating a plan and implementing that plan to become a more healthy community.

We will provide trainings in active transportation curricula, encouragement events, and fundraising.  We will host discussions about how walking and biking youth education and encouragement can change Oregon and what are the steps to make that happen!  We need you to contribute your expertise. Its time for us all to work together.


On another statewide note: a new website has been created for the Oregon Safe Routes to School program.  This new site is much more user friendly and easier to update compared to the ODOT site. Here’s more information from the statewide coordinator of the project, Lynn Mutrie:

Welcome to the new Oregon Safe Routes to School website:! Here you will find information and examples of the components of a comprehensive Safe Routes to School (SRTS) program: Encouragement, Education, Enforcement, Engineering and Evaluation. There are also specific resources and stories from communities throughout Oregon.

This website is new and you’ll find holes and incomplete information, but we’re working on it. Please check back often for updates, pictures and new information! Even if a page seems complete, don’t be surprised to see new material as we learn from experts in Oregon and throughout the country. Explore the site with menu options along the left side of the page.

The Oregon Safe Routes to School website is funded through a grant from Oregon’s SRTS program in partnership with the Sustainable Oregon Schools Initiative (SOSI). The multi-faceted Safe Routes to School Program (SRTS) fits well into SOSI’s comprehensive framework of schools and education for sustainability. While the issue of transportation is a core element of SRTS, the SRTS program also focuses on safety, health and wellness, school site planning, community and education. All of these are key topic areas in SOSI’s strategic framework to integrate sustainability concepts and thinking into all school and district activities. If you want more information about the programs SOSI offers, visit them at Look for their new website by April 2011.

Lynne Mutrie
Oregon Safe Routes to School Program
Sustainable Oregon Schools Initiative

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