Eugene-Springfield Safe Routes to School is a community approach to encourage and enable more people to walk and bike to school safely.
We do this through the 6 E’s of Safe Routes to School:

Evaluation: we collect data, including student transportation tallies, parent surveys, car counts, bicycle counts, and infrastructure conditions, in order to determine existing conditions and to gauge the effectiveness of the program to ensure that resources are achieving the greatest success.

Education: education activities are provided to students, parents, and community members. These strategies include teaching students pedestrian and bicycle safety skills, informing parents about the benefits of walking and biking to school, and encouraging motorists to drive safely near pedestrians and bicyclists.

Encouragement: encouragement activities combine with educational activities to motivate children to walk, bike, scoot and skate to school. Activities in our region include Walk+Roll to School Day/Challenge and Kidical Mass families bike rides.

Engineering: engineering strategies improve the built environment to support safety for student pedestrians and bicyclists. This may include traffic signals, traffic calming, pedestrian crossings, sidewalks, off-street paths, bicycle parking and signage.

Enforcement: enforcement activities help protect student pedestrians and bicyclists by deterring unsafe behaviors of motorists, pedestrians and bicyclists, and by encouraging all road users to obey traffic laws and share the road safely. Enforcement tools include crossing guard programs, traffic speed readers, targeted police patrols and safety awareness campaigns.

Equity: our program strives to distribute Safe Routes to School planning, resources, and educational programming equitably across the Eugene-Springfield region. We strive to incorporate equity into each of the other “E’s” listed above.

For more details about current Safe Routes to School work across the region, see our Strategy for a Regional Safe Routes to School Plan (PDF).

An updated Safe Routes to School plan for the region is in the process of being developed and will be available soon.