Get Involved


Volunteer For an Existing Event

Want to get more kids using active transportation to get to school? We need your help! Contact the coordinator for your district to help with one or more of the activities in the list below, including working at a specific school. We'll work to find something that matches your skills and interests.

Become a School Champion!

We provide support to schools to hold events like "Walk + Roll to School Day" and more where we have a liaison, or better yet, a "champion!" That person can be a parent or guardian, school staff, or someone else in the school community.


This rewarding role can be as big or as small as the champion and the school would like; a little effort from a school champion leverages a wealth of resources from the Safe Routes to School program that lead to more kids walking, biking, busing and carpooling!


Contact the Safe Routes to School Coordinator in your district to find out if your school has a champion and how you can help!


Bike and Pedestrian Safety

Support students as they learn to safely navigate their neighborhoods!


If you're interested in volunteering with Bicycle or Pedestrian Education please contact the program coordinators listed below.

Zane Wheeler, City of Eugene

(541) 682-6321 

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