Boltage Program Grows

Two 4J schools, Cal Young Middle and Adams Elementary, are the latest schools to implement the Boltage encouragement program in Eugene. The Boltage ZAP is a solar powered, network connected, RFID reading machine that checks students in when they use active transportation to get to school. Students place an RFID tag on their backpacks and then go under the ZAP meter when they walk, bike, skate, or scoot to or from school.  The more times they use active transportation the more chances they have to win. Three winners are chosen each week! Students can go online to see the number of trips made and the school can keep track of miles traveled.

The program is supported and funded in partnership with Eugene SRTS, the University of Oregon, and OTREC in a project to look at what kind of incentives work to engage and interest students to choose healthy active transportation choices.

Eugene was the first city to have the Boltage program (previously called Freiker for ‘frequent biker’) outside of the founding companies home state of Colorado. The meters have previously been at Roosevelt Middle and ATA/Family Schools.  The coordinators of the program at the University of Oregon are still looking for a local school to implement a third Boltage unit.

It will be exciting to see what kind of information can be gleaned from this great encouragement study program and I know that students at the participating schools are already engaging in active transportation in a new and interesting way.

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