Gearing Up!

School starts in exactly two weeks and Walk + Bike to School Day is in six weeks!
Let’s get things rolling!

Some of the Eugene SRTS Team were up at the National Safe Routes to School Conference that was held in Portland from August 19-21st and we’re all excited about the work going on around the country but also about the great energy and potential that exists right here in our great state of Oregon! Here in Eugene we have a strong team working on SRTS projects and we have the potential to build an exciting and sustainable program!

There is a lot to do to get ready for the new year. First off, if you haven’t registered already be sure and do that at the site.

Also, many of you are discovering our new website for the first time. Have a look around, let us know what’s working for you and what’s not. We’ll be adding more to it over the next few months including maps and a toolkit.

Another bit of exciting news this week is that the Roosevelt/DesignBridge Green Wheel project is rolling again! We got the final permit from the City and we are ready to start building. Here is the update from the Green Wheel site:

The stars have aligned and four months later the Roosevelt Bike Shelter Project is now permitted. For several months we went back and forth with the city plan reviewer, working out the issues of allowable floor area, set backs and engineering. Now that the permit has been approved we are asking for students and community volunteers to help us get underway ASAP. Classes at Roosevelt start on September 9th, and we want to have the footings installed before the kids show up.
When we began this project it seemed that the engineering would be a breeze, since it was a simple shed roof bike shelter. The truth of the matter is that today’s seismic and wind load requirements are just not simple. No matter the size of a project the design specifications must be carefully calculated to ensure that the roof won’t fall down even under the worst conditions (especially for schools). Without the help of Jok Ang and Karen Stoner from Ang Engineering there is no way we would have been able to complete the engineering calc package. While the calculations remained the sole responsibility of designBridge, Karen and Jok offered mentoring on several occasions to help us understand the codes and standards.
Our first scheduled build day is August 29th, one week from today. We will be disassembling the existing bike shelter and excavating footings for the new shelter. The University Fellowship Church that meets at Roosevelt on Sundays has offered to help round up volunteer hands and expertise.
The one big item we still need help with is fabricating steel columns. If you’re a structural welder and can help us assemble the 8 columns in time to install them on September 4th, please contact our build-lead, Andrew Brose, via email
Stay tuned for photos and updates as we crank this project out in the next six weeks.

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