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This article comes to us from the Bike Friday newsletter. Watch for a post soon about the Bike Education Program we are building in Partnership with the City of Eugene.

Bike Friday owners are always asking us, what’s new? What’s on the drawing table?

I guess that’s because they know something’s always brewing here.

Not too long ago I sat in a meeting with Co-Founder Alan Scholz, listening to him put into perspective his philosophy on design and invention.

“I don’t design just for the sake of design,” the inventor of the Burley Trailer says, “I try to use design to make someone’s life better — to make a difference.”

So when local bicycle advocate and organizer Shane MacRhodes mentioned his frustration in finding a quality bicycle Made in America to use in his Safe Routes to Schools program, it rekindled an idea of Alan’s.

The result is a special Bike Friday that Alan has designed for use by school systems, rental fleets — anyone who yearns for a bike that can adjust to different sizes for different riders.

On July 31, Alan [That’s Alan below in the middle between Shane and BikeEd instructor Clare Gordon ] delivered 40 Bike Friday OSATA Travelers to the local 4J School District. The OSATA [that’s One Size Adjusts To All] is built so one Bike Friday can quickly adjust to fit anyone from 4-foot-6 to 6-foot-4 [137 cm to 193 cm].


These bikes, which were built outside our regular production line, are still in the introductory stage as Alan continues to develop the final designs.

Like all Bike Fridays, they fit into a TravelCase for airline travel. There will be a variety of options for components, but the final details have not yet been set. We hope to be able to begin taking orders soon and target the first delivery of these bikes sometime this fall.


The bikes are designed to be affordable for fleet sales, so if you know someone who has a need the OSATA can fill or you would like to be put on our “First To Know” list, let us know.

Meanwhile, to answer that perpetual question of what’s new? This week the first prototype of a new Bike Friday designed by Alan and Rob English hit pavement. It’s a design that customers have been asking for the past few years. We hope to be able to share more in the next couple of months. Stay tuned.

by raz of Bike Friday

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