Neighborhood Greenways

The work for the Pedestrian and Bicycle Master Plan for this City of Eugene is nearing it’s half-way point. There is still a good amount of work to be done to take all the input gathered on missing links, problem areas, and future growth potentials and place them into a coherent plan that will not only be visionary and move us forward in making active transportation an easy and comfortable choice for most people but also in looking to how we fund such a plan.

One major area of discussion at the last Project Advisory Committee meeting was on improving Eugene’s Bike Boulevard and connecting those Boulevards and our great path system.  A good part of our system isn’t actually full fledged “Bike Boulevards” as they lack some of the key pieces such as wayfinding signs, pavement markings, traffic calming, and easy crossings at busy streets. As we look to improve these and make them full fledge working systems for all levels of cyclists and pedestrians (from age 8-80) I think it’s a good time to look at what’s involved in a Bike Boulevard and also at the name.  I really like the route Portland is taking with the conversion of “Bike Boulevards” to “Neighborhood Greenways” and I think it’s something we should think about in Eugene.  Here’s a great video from StreetFilms about the Portland system. It demonstrates what they are and why they work so great.  There’s a great section on Portland’s Bike Trains (part of their SRTS program) as well:

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  1. 2010 November 10

    Cool video.

    I can’t believe he said “sharrow flower.”

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