Safe Routes Needs DeFazio as a Champion

Let Rep. DeFazio know how much Safe Routes to School needs his help!

Take 5 Minutes Today to Call and/or Email: Your Help will Make a Difference

As Safe Routes to School supporters, we are facing a very tough Congress that is focused on drastically cutting back spending.  In this environment, we are expecting the U.S. House of Representatives to come out with a draft transportation bill within the next few weeks with a major reduction in funding.  We are very concerned that the federal Safe Routes to School program could be in danger.

Fortunately – Oregon has a Safe Routes to School champion with Congressman DeFazio.  As one of the top leaders on the House Transportation Committee, Rep. DeFazio is in the best position to fight for Safe Routes to School.  But, we need your help to remind Mr. DeFazio how important Safe Routes to School is in Albany, Corvallis, Eugene, Lebanon, Philomath, Springfield and the rest of the fourth district of Oregon—and to thank him for his leadership.

We urge you to take action today and take 5 minutes to do one or both of the following:

1)    Call Rep. DeFazio’s Eugene office at (541) 465-6732.  Tell his staff:

  • The federal Safe Routes to School program has helped my community make critical safety improvements so kids can walk and bike. We have doubled walking & biking at some schools, we are building strong programs, and we need more help to continue to turn the tide towards MORE active transportation to school!
  • (Share a sentence or two about your experience with Safe Routes to School).
  • We are so lucky to have Mr. DeFazio as a leader on funding for Safe Routes to School.
  • Please ask Mr. DeFazio to keep fighting for Safe Routes to School in the transportation bill.
  • We know it is a tough time in Congress, and we thank him for his dedicated leadership.

2)    Send an email to Congressman DeFazio by visiting  Just enter your contact information and personalize the existing letter.  If you can, include a sentence or paragraph with specifics about how Safe Routes to School has improved your community, school, or helped your child, please include that in the letter.

Raise your voice and let him know we need his vocal support now more than ever. Thank you for your help!  Please share any responses you get from Mr. DeFazio’s office with and

Please Forward this Action Alert to Friends and Family in Oregon

Oberstar and DeFazio- Two Safe Routes Champions (via BikePortland)

Oberstar and DeFazio- Two Safe Routes Champions (via BikePortland)

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