Vote for Bike Friday in Grant Contest & Support SRTS

This just in from Bike Friday. Vote for them to win a FedEx small business grant ($25,000) and help them set up a Bike Safety Education grant program to help communities buy OSOTA bikes for their program.

Via Bike Friday:
If Bike Friday wins we will use it to set up a way to grant money to school bicycle training programs that are having trouble financing their fleets.
The Safe Routes to School program has become very effective giving young riders real skills that both keep them safe and emancipated them for transportation under their own power. But finding money to buy their fleet bikes has become very difficult. We at Green Gear Cycling have been looking for ways to help them.
One of our first steps was to design a ‘made in the US bike’ that is specially designed to fit people from under 4 ft tall to over 6 ft tall. OSATA – One Size Adjusts To All. They are perfect for these programs.
Green Gear would like to help the more. This money could help set up a crowd sourcing program for SRTS and even start a special pool that Bike Friday owners could donate to for the bicycle education of children everywhere. This is a clear win-win-win….

Alan Scholz
Co-founder Green Gear Cycling/BikeFriday

Vote Now and Vote Often.


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