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Summer Safety Tips

Summer is here and everyone will be looking to get outside, go places and have fun. Remember these safety reminders when traveling to ensure that you, your children and the community stay safe.

Help teach your children as pedestrians to:

  • Understand safety signs and traffic signals

  • Pay attention to their surroundings and stay free of distractions when walking

  • look left and right before crossing and only cross at intersections or crosswalks

  • Make eye contact with drivers before stepping in front of them

  • If possible, walk with other people

Help teach your children as cyclists to:

  • Always wear a helmet

  • Learn traffic laws

  • Use arm signals to indicate turns and stopping

  • Be visible to vehicles with light colored clothing, reflectors and lights

Remember to have fun and practice walking and cycling this summer!

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As Drivers:​

  • Stay alert

  • Obey all laws

  • Be predictable

  • Don't be distracted

  • Yield the right of way to pedestrians

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