East/West Amazon Drive Active Transportation Meeting

A neighborhood open house has been scheduled for Tuesday, May 22nd to discuss walking and biking improvements for E/W Amazon Drive (from Hilyard Street to Snell Street).  The city is preparing a grant application to improve bicycle facilities and install pedestrian crossings of Amazon Creek.  Please join us for a presentation and discussion on transportation improvements.  Design options may include buffering the existing bike lanes or installing a two-way bike facility on one side of the Amazon Parkway.  We will also discuss extending the Amazon Path south to Tugman Park along Hilyard Street.


  • Introduce grant opportunity
  • Presentation of existing facilities and possible improvements
  • Small group exercises (discuss hopes and concerns; identify design alternatives)
  • Report results of small group exercises
  • Discuss next steps

Location: Hilyard Center (Main Hall), 2580 Hilyard Street, Eugene, OR 97405
Date: Tuesday, May 22nd
Time: 6:30 to 8:00 pm

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