SRTS 2017-2021 Strategic Plan

This a document that will guide the work of the Eugene-Springfield Safe Routes to School partnership. The plan highlights the goals and action items that our Safe Routes Coordinators and regional support staff will prioritize through the year 2021. Achieving the goals of the plan will require the support of partner agencies and organizations and the continued support of dedicated volunteers.


Bike encouragement events

Bike Rodeos and group rides help kids learn bike safety and develop bike handling skills and enthusiasm for biking

walking and Biking groups

“Walking School Buses” and “Bike Trains” are among the most effective ways to increase biking and walking rates to school and provide safety in numbers.

walk + Roll Day

Regular encouragement from schools can shift school culture; reward regular active transportation users, busers and carpoolers; and encourage people to try a new transportation mode for the first time.

Resources and tips

Browse the many resources available for school champions and parents from the Eugene-Springfield SRTS team

Maps for walking & biking

Safe Routes to School coordinators approve maps created by Point2Point for the safest biking and walking routes to your school. Check them out at the link below!


Report A Problem

To report a problem regarding local infrastructure surrounding your school, please click the link below and fill out the form to the best of your ability. 

For other public works issues, such as glass, debris, street tree maintenance, etc. please click below to report to the City of Eugene or the City of Springfield.


Bike Parking Assessment Tool

This tool can be used to assess bike parking facilities at one school or to compare and contrast the quantity and quality of bike parking facilities at different schools. Upgrades to bike parking at many schools will take place in 2018 and the bike parking grades will be updated after that takes place.


Infrastructure Needs

Eugene Springfield Safe Routes to School uses the infrastructure scorecard when evaluating potential infrastructure projects surrounding local schools. The scorecard below shows the considerations that are involved in evaluating and scoring each project. To see the impacts, click here.

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